John Aston and Alan Knight launched Smart Engagement: Why, What, Who and How
09 July 2014

John Aston and Alan Knight launched this week the book Smart Engagement Why, What, Who and How through their publishing partner DoSustainability in Oxford.

The book condenses years of international experience and best practice for people who make or participate in making decisions in their organisations, including management and boards and related stakeholders. The authors accompany the reader on their journey to integrate Smart Engagement into the planning, execution and management of the decisions and activities required to run their organisation successfully; this includes delivering outcomes that are not only financially and technically successful but also publically and environmentally acceptable and sustainable. 

Smart Engagement is a step on the road to Smart Business. Smart businesses in the 21st century are those that are best at adapting to changing societal concerns, expectations, risks and opportunities and that know how to generate sustainable outcomes. Engaging stakeholders in a smart way is fundamental to achieving this,” said John Aston, one of the book’s authors and managing director of astoneco management.

Smart Engagement Why, What, Who and How is part of the DōShorts Sustainable Business Collection -- 90-minute expert reads for professionals. The book is available in both hard copy and eBook format. To buy the book or read a free excerpt, click here.


Upcoming presentation at A4ID Law and Development Training Course in the UK
17 March 2014

astoneco's managing director John Aston will be speaking as part of the annual Advocates for International Development (A4ID) Law and Development Training Course, in London, on Saturday 5th April 2014.

John's presentation will be part of the module on Climate Change and Security, and will focus on Smart Business and Sustainable Development. Specifically, it will discuss the importance of business sustainability and the link between business and development in the public, private and civil society sectors with reference to astoneco projects past and present.

The only course of its kind in the UK, A4ID’s annual Law and International Development training programme explores the crucial role that law plays in underpinning the international development agenda and in promoting responsible business practice.

Seminars and workshops are delivered by leading academics, development professionals and practising lawyers to help participants understand how the law can secure, or be a barrier to, sustainable development. 

For more information about A4ID and the training course, please visit

'Constructive mining' in the mining industry?
14 January 2014

When it comes to the initiation of mining projects in Europe and elsewhere, more and more communities are rejecting licences to operate in the absence of a clear demonstration of the short-, medium- and long-term benefits of a project both for them and their surroundings.

UK-based Ortac Resources Ltd.  and their sustainability support partner astoneco management are bringing to the mining industry’s attention the case for ‘constructive mining’ in Central Slovakia. The article “Sturecland initiative: mining constructively” published in the leading industry magazine Mining, People and the Environment discusses a current case where the mining machine would be used to contribute to the capital costs of a green energy-based tourism development project, in line with local development needs.

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