Joint skills

OUR TRAININGS: How to engage your stakeholders for successful outcomes

The astoneco professional development and coaching services are designed for business, government bodies, international agencies, NGOs, local authrorities and communities who wish to proactively cultivate stakeholder support. The programmes are built on over 25 years of international project experience of trainers, are best practice compliant and incorporate the fundamentals of Smart Business.

These training and coaching services prepare participants to:

  • Understand the need for and power of Smart Engagement: why, what, who and how
  • Gain the skills (tools and techniques) to successfully use Smart Engagement
  • Design the path to integrate Smart Engagement into their required activities

We offer these services at our Smart Business Centres or a location preferred by our clients. For situations where community risk or local development is involved, we offer management teams the opportunity to take our programmes at our varying degrees of community-immersed Centres in the West and East of Ireland and in Transylvania.

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