Joined strategy

Getting a Social License to Operate

In your business’s journey towards success, you need timely information to make decisions on the best path to take.strategy.jpg

You need to be aware of who can help, who can hinder and how. Are your stakeholder risks and opportunities correctly identified and managed? If not, they need to be, and fast.

Working with astoneco, you will be able to assess your reality and map out the best way to success together with your stakeholders, before they find reasons to oppose you, or your resources get inefficiently used. Along the way, you will:

  • know where your project / business is adding and eroding value from the point of view of all stakeholders
  • identify and manage your stakeholder-related risks and commitments
  • know the answer to “Social Responsibility: how much is enough?”
  • develop a CSR and Stakeholder Engagegement strategy, including relevant policies, guidance and plans
  • future proof your business plan
  • implement a project management system that addresses stakeholder concerns
  • ensure an investment wanted by you and your stakeholders


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