A multi-stakeholder forum approach to refugee integration?

European countries are currently presented with an important challenge: how to welcome and integrate refugees and migrants while building stronger local communities. The approach presented briefly in this factsheet achieves this goal through systematic stakeholder engagement. It requires time, capacity building and facilitation work built into the very beginning of the integration process, but has proven to achieve sustainable results even in the most challenging environments.

“Sturecland initiative: mining constructively”

UK-based Ortac Resources Ltd.  and their sustainability support partner astoneco management are bringing to the mining industry’s attention the case for ‘constructive mining’ in Central Slovakia. The article “Sturecland initiative: mining constructively” published in the leading industry magazine Mining, People and the Environment discusses a current case where the mining machine would be used to contribute to the capital costs of a green energy-based tourism development project, in line with local development needs.

Constructive mining: innovation from Central and Eastern Europe

This paper, presented at the SR Mining 2013 Conference in Chile, examines the new concepts of “destructive/neutral” versus “constructive” mining, and the central roles that local empowerment and respect for decision ownership play in successful natural resource projects. Case studies are referred to from over 10-years natural resources-project experience of astoneco in Central and Eastern Europe and highlight the importance of multi-stakeholder platforms to co-create the required dialogue environment.

CSR is dangerous

Words create reality. And words can stop a reality from being created. Words are powerful and can dictate where focus goes or does not go. One area where many words are thrown about is that of the business case for CSR and sustainability. Yet should we focus on the business case for CSR and sustainability or on the sustainability case for any given business?