Input to the OMV Resourcefulness Strategy for 22 countries of operation

Input to the OMV Resourcefulness Strategy for 22 countries of operation

What is the challenge?

As more and more projects and departments of OMV needed to address sustainability challenges coming from their operations on the ground and from society in general, the OMV Corporation decided to create and implement their own global sustainability strategy.


What solution was adopted?

Working with partners and OMV teams from all their operations, OMV decided in 2012 that its strategy would come under the umbrella of Resourcefulness. The strategy recognises that the company needs to work responsibly with finite natural resources (their core business) and with human and financial resources (their core enablers); and mobilise innovative solutions that lead to a win-win situation in the long run for OMV, the communities of operation, society and the environment.

In this project, astoneco was part of the working groups compiling the strategy. We brought specific industry and best practice expertise to the table via:

  • undertaking empowerment pilot projects with OMV communities in Romania and Turkey that, together with other OMV projects and experiences, informed and laid the basis for the Resourcefulness strategy. These pilot projects enabled the co-development of short, medium and long-term CSR and stakeholder engagement strategies for the company and the development of Community-Based Organisations (CBOs), working toward the sustainable development of all parties (communities, company, authorities),
  • experience with other natural resource development companies impacted by communities throughout the region and elsewhere in the world,
  • spending considerable time in communities impacted by the extractive industries,
  • the creation, in 2011-2012, of the “OMV Resource Guide for Stakeholder Engagement & its Management”, including:
  1. relevant global best practice (adapted to OMV’s management structures),
  2. the 'Stakeholder Engagement Process Planner' (created for the community relations departments and their stakeholders),
  3. the 'OMV Community Dialogue Toolkit' (adapted for community partnerships in which OMV is a partner),
  4. the 'OMV Quick Management Guide to Stakeholder Engagement' (created for managers who use stakeholder engagement – the ultimate “short and simple guide”).


Current status:

The Resourcefulness Strategy is currently being implemented in OMV’s 22 countries of operation.