Team Building / Development

Team Building / Development

Why this training:

We are mostly all aware that working as a team is essential to achieving sustainable results. And that building a happy and efficient team requires energy and work. So lets do it.

This teambuilding is designed to be tailor-fitted to your needs to achieve great results in a few days. Using an assessment stage to determine the team’s current reality and then each individuals' needs and perceptions in rapport to the team, the dynamics within the team and desired results; this training gives you a super boost when needed. The teambuilding can be organised in our motivational retreats in Transylvania, Romania, or Killruddery House, Ireland, or at a venue preferred by the clients.


Learning Objectives:

Through this team building, your team will not only bond but will also become motivated to:

  • engage better,
  • combine structured and unstructured time to get to know one another better,
  • become part of the same ship with a clear direction and happy to sail toward their vision,
  • work together harmoniously by acknowledging synergies with the others.


Topics include:

  • Defining smart team outcomes
  • Identifying team synergies
  • Team communication
  • Smart feedback


Who would benefit from this training:

Teams who need to achieve more in the real world of their businesses. And teams who want to grow and have fun together.

3 days
If you are interested in this training, please contact us at and we will keep you informed about when the next one will be organised.