Project co-design: how to plan, prepare and enact collaborative project design

Project co-design: how to plan, prepare and enact collaborative project design

Why this training:

Room for complex dilemmas and misunderstandings is growing in project development despite more aware and informed stakeholders. A growing reality is that natural resource and infrastructure projects need to be developed with empowered local community input from the word go. Another reality is that communities (or even a wider stakeholder group) that are disempowered or feel their voice is not adequately represented very often become suspicious or even outraged, opposing projects, many successfully. This training enables a genuine community-based multi-stakeholder co-design process that can build a local solution to sustainably provide win-win benefits for all parties.


Learning Objectives:

At the end of this training you will be able to:

  • Appreciate the importance of listening to an impacted community from early on in the project inception process,
  • Assess and explain the difference between “best practice project design with consultation” and “project co-design”,
  • Explain the benefits of this approach to all stakeholders – including investors,
  • Appropriately identify decision ownership for material issues in a given project and understand how this needs to fit into a quality engagement process,
  • Create a process where all involve can understand the pressures and concerns experienced by the respective business, communities and authorities. 


Topics include:

  • Identifying common ground
  • Identifying risks and mismatches
  • Becoming aware
  • Identifying and enacting equired organisational change
  • Key decisions and SH identification
  • Engagement capacity building
  • Co-creation design process
  • Investor relations


Who would benefit from this training:

Anyone responsible to initiate, plan or implement projects – especially those working with natural resource / energy / infrastructure / development projects that can have a significant impact on communities and their environment.

2 days
If you are interested in this training, please contact us at and we will keep you informed about when the next one will be organised.