Participatory methods for a 360 degrees analysis of stakeholder-related risks & opportunities

Participatory methods for a 360 degrees analysis of stakeholder-related risks & opportunities

Why this training:

Clarity of where we are currently in our business / projects / activities gives us a solid foundation to establish future goals and make decisions about the ways to get there. Without a clear and detailed assessment of where we add value, where we compromise value, of our drivers, influencers, risks and opportunities, etc., moving ahead with our work can be difficult and stressful at best and counter productive at worse – sometimes like walking through a minefield. The required clarity to counter this can only be achieved through effective stakeholder engagement (unless you process some magic formulas).


Learning Objectives:

Following this training, you will:

  • Have the knowledge, motivation, mindset, and tools to be able to hear and understand not only your and your team's perspectives, but also those of the people impacted by your work or who can impact your work.
  • Be able to facilitate participatory baseline assessments built on stakeholder buy-in,
  • Explain and apply the tools to share clarity with your stakeholders and, in the process, build the relationships and dialogue platforms required to ensure that you and your stakeholders are playing on the same team to achieve mutually beneficial goals.


Topics include:

  • The Clarity Model
  • Proactive listening skills
  • Stakeholder Identification
  • Participatory baseline assessments
  • Problem Trees


Who would benefit from this training:

Anyone who has responsibility for planning, engaging and/or coordinating Project Design / Implementation, CSR, Social Performance, Risk Management, Stakeholder Engagement or Communication activities in a company, NGO, government or international body. 

2 days
If you are interested in this training, please contact us at and we will keep you informed about when the next one will be organised.