Grievance mechanism in depth: from compliance to delivery to value creation

Grievance mechanism in depth: from compliance to delivery to value creation

Why this training:

Most oil, gas, mining, dam, infrastructure, etc., industry associations now state clearly that it is essential to have a Grievance Mechanism in place. And this often goes in place in a way that adds little value to company – stakeholder relationships. Indeed, some companies have been heard to celebrate that their ‘grievances reported’ are going down and enjoy the short term limelight. Today’s reality is that to be effective in creating company value, the grievance mechanism needs to be designed, implemented and tested in such a why that stakeholder risks are identified proactively, issues addressed rapidly and nothing stifled into silence only to erupt more powerfully later.


Learning Objectives:

At the end of this training you will be able to:

  • Appreciate the dynamics that led to grievance mechanisms being recommended,
  • Identify the required collaboration, capacity building and empowerment required to make a mechanism successful,
  • Audit a grievance mechanism, interpret the results, and implement improvements,
  • Conduct the grievance mechanism in a way that adds value to community relations, project operations and core business.


Topics include:

  • Review of requirements and guidance
  • Turning an obligation into a great management tool
  • Designing a grievance mechanism from A to Z
  • Ensuring it works


Who would benefit from this training:

This training is designed for project managers, stakeholder engagement / community relations / social performance professionals and community facilitators responsible for gaining and maintaining a Social License to Operate. 

2 days
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