An engager’s journey: 6 practical steps when initiating a new project

An engager’s journey: 6 practical steps when initiating a new project

Why this training:

You are a company, project, operations, environment, cultural heritage, health, safety, permitting, procurement, legal, communications, or external affairs manager or other professional in a natural resource, infrastructure or energy company who does not just have to deal with technical or financial issues. Sometimes you are even tasked by your company to manage local relationships. Your formal education, training or experience didn’t cover community engagement. It’s unclear to you what to do and where to begin. If this scenario is familiar, this training is for you.


Learning Objectives:

This training gives you practical and straightforward resources to support you to effectively begin (or adapt) your journey in establishing a healthy company – local authority – community relationship at the site level. At the end of the training you will:

  • Have a thorough insight into the breadth of issues you need to ensure are managed,
  • Be able to identify where you are on the engager’s journey, where you are headed, what is going right or wrong, and what adjustments are needed,
  • Understand what planning, preparation, resources and controls are needed to be put in place,
  • Be aware of the complexities involved and the simplest paths to their resolution.


Topics include:

  • Preparing
  • Aligning with your team
  • First meetings
  • Listening & looking around
  • Co-creating an engagement process
  • Engaging on key topics
  • Managing expectations and deepening shared knowledge


Who would benefit from this training:

This training is designed for all those names in ‘why this training’ who need practical support to engage or who want to see if they can improve on how they are currently engaging.

2 days
If you are interested in this training, please contact us at and we will keep you informed about when the next one will be organised.