Creating a Smart Business Strategy

Creating a Smart Business Strategy

Why this training:

Businesses are faced with many scenarios of what it means to be a Responsible Company. CSR strategies to address this take many different forms. This training provides intensive support to senior management to examine the DNA of their organisation to identify fundamental responsibilities, how to prioritise and address them and who to involve. This turns stakeholder engagement and CSR activities from important add-ons, to an organisational approach that consistently adds value.


Learning objectives:

At the end of this training you will be able to:

  • Appreciate and communicate the power of a shared Vision in your organisation,
  • Lead the co-creation / reviewing / evaluation of your Vision, Mission, Values and Strategy in a way that respects your larger-context Smart Business challenges (i.e. not only being financially and technically robust but also producing outcomes your organisation and stakeholders need and understand so they can genuinely support you),
  • Explain the processes and tools to integrate the resulting Strategy throughout your organisation, and apply them so that your people support each other as a team much much more often than scoring expensive own goals.


Topics include:

  • The importance of a Vision
  • Integrating the sustainability context
  • Participatory strategy pyramid (Vision-Mission-Values-Goals-Strategy-Plans)
  • Defining your Smart Business
  • Internal engagement
  • Engaged business management
  • Monitoring and Evaluating


Who would benefit from this training:

This training is most important for those who participate in making high-level decisions about the purpose and objectives of your organization, its strategy and its business model. Secondly, it can also be very useful for those in implementation positions who will benefit enormously from knowing why they are doing what they are doing. 

2 days
If you are interested in this training, please contact us at and we will keep you informed about when the next one will be organised.