Conflict resolution and negotiation

Conflict resolution and negotiation         

Why this training:

Conflicts can be very costly due to downtime, permitting issues, reputational damage or even project stagnation or cancellation. Their resolution often requires going back in time to address their origin. Without their resolution, continued absence of effective dialogue can lead to further stakeholder conflicts that compound delays or stoppages. Dealing with these situations that are often critical for a business, needs a specific set of advanced stakeholder engagement knowledge and skills.


Learning Objectives:

This training equips you with:

  • The basic rules for stakeholder engagement in crisis situations,
  • Facilitation, negotiation and conflict resolution skills,
  • Methodologies to identify the source of conflicts,
  • Methodologies to separated fact from fiction,
  • Appreciate the importance of perceptions, and why they can be so different from different stakeholder groups,
  • Methodologies to create a platform for common ground to build sufficient trust to move forward,
  • Tools and Techniques to make it easier for all parties to resolve and move beyond the conflict,
  • Tools and Techniques to ensure the conflicts remain in the past once resolved.


Topics include:

  • Types of conflicts
  • Getting to the root of conflicts
  • Facilitation tools
  • Communication do’s and don’ts
  • Win-win vs. compromise
  • Negotiation techniques for win-win outcomes


Who would benefit from this training:

This training is applicable the whole way from the Board to the community relations or external affairs manager: it is for anyone who is motivated to move past conflicts they currently face or who do not wish to get into conflicts in the first place. 

2 days
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