Celebrating 10 years and 20 projects of successful outcomes through smart stakeholder engagement in over 10 countries

This celebration includes a big ‘thank you!’ to all the community members, business executives, local authority officials, development agencies, academic institutions and colleagues for sharing so much over the past decade. Raising the bar and daring to develop joined-up-thinking projects resulted in real value being added to society, while designing out associated risks and addressing sustainability challenges. In so doing, projects gained their social license to operate.

Smart Engagement: Why, What, Who and How

The book condenses years of international experience and best practice for people who make or participate in making decisions in their organisations, including management and boards and related stakeholders. The authors - John Aston and Alan Knight - accompany the reader on their journey to integrate Smart Engagement into the planning, execution and management of the decisions and activities required to run their organisation successfully...

Dezafectarea responsabilă a unui complex industrial aparţinând OMV-Petrom

Closing a major industrial complex, which was one of the main economic engines in Dolj county, Romania, raised the following challenge for its stakeholders: is the closure the beginning of the end, or the beginning of a new journey to successful development? To ensure that this challenge is responsibly addressed...