File sharing for LTDS

Welcome to the Loop Head Tourism Development Strategy (LTDS) for 2020 - 2030 creation webpage




Initiating content guidance for the LTDS

This three-page document is being used as a basis to engage on the desired focus for the LTDS.

Visioning what tourism on the Loop looks like in 2025

This visioning document presents experiences that can be had as the LTDS plays out.

Loop Head Remote Working

A remote working chapter within the LTDS starts to take shape here.

The Loop Head Digital Academy (LDA)

Part of delivering on the Loop Head Tourism Development Strategy is the creation of the synergetic Academies of the Loop Head Digital Video Academy (LDVA) and the Loop Head Digital Marketing Academy (LDMA). The capacity building requirements for both went to eTenders in March 2020: their briefs are here LDVA, LDMA. The response to the call to tender was very impressive with nine outstanding candidates applying for the LDVA and six applying for the LDMA.

Loop Head Tourism Covid-Rebound Strategy for Input

Please find here the pdf version of the Strategy and plan being created within the LHT Network