File sharing for LDP


The Loop Head Peninsula Development Plan (LDP) is being developed under a movement initiated in 2020 called Loop Head Together - a grassroots initiative supported by local community groups and individuals at a very early stage and open to everyone.

A short document was circulated via local social media and WhatsApp groups during the summer of 2020 as a conversation starter.

Here is the conversation starter 



* Send a message to 085 2153765 to get involved - we have a WhatsApp group ongoing to help share information*


and here is a simple document starting the search for our key questions.



Questions received by October 2020 are here.



Below is the framework we are using to group the questions.


Trip Adviser 2027 Reviews of the Loop Head Peninsula help to pave our way from here to there.


Here is Volume I of the Trip Adviser Reviews. Please send in your review, however short or however long to  Initially we will not publish the author so as to keep the focus on the review.


Conversations on Zoom examined different areas that we need to focus on. 

The schematic below captures some of this. The inner-circle represents areas important for personal & professional lives on the peninsula, together with its environment and social fabric. The outer-circle represents conversations we need to have to clarify what our plan is for each of the inner-circle areas. Would you change anything in this focus? Please send input to And join the Thursday Zooms or the conversations around the areas of most interest to you.



The creation of the LDP is running in parallel with the building of the Loop Head Together movement. 

Below is a tentative roadmap to having both a vibrant movement and a workable development plan in place by Christmas 2020. Covid times are a challenge as this makes in-person gatherings difficult. The Loop Head Peninsula community has shown great resilience in the face of this and the initiatives they have undertaken such as the Loop Head Digital Academy, together with lots of existing personal skills have made meeting online a meaningful way to bridge the Covid times. Please spread the word and help us all get to know each other, what our concerns are, and how we can work together to create a future that is great for each and every person on the Loop.