Who we are

Are you faced with significant community, political, environmental, or other societal challenges? Are you prepared to be committed to being a socially responsible investment? If yes, we help you:

  • develop and roll out a strategic response that address both your and your stakeholders' fears, concerns and opportunities; 
  • facilitate the creation of partnerships and/or multi-stakeholder forums that work towards the sustainable developments of your project in the interest of all involved parties,
  • facilitate the capacity building, dialogue, negotiations, expert studies, conflict resolution, management change, etc. required to enable the above.

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Why do we do what we do?

Decisions which have not had the benefit of timely, transparent and inclusive dialogue beforehand often result in significant sustainability risks and missed development opportunities.

Following experience in large infrastructure projects in many parts of the world, astoneco began to focus on stakeholder-centered strategy and management in 2007.


astoneco was founded on a number of observations:

  • potentially good projects that do not undergo a timely and transparent economic, technical and environmental analysis, enabling its whole life-cycle to be planned together with all its stakeholders, experience delays or stoppages;
  • within companies there is often a disproportionate focus on first finding technical and financial solutions, and then defending the resulting decisions in front of the public, as opposed to engaging with stakeholders from the beginning;
  • the perception of risk is fluid and is also proportionate to the amount of trust between parties and of  understanding of the words they use;
  • timely, transparent and inclusive dialogue between a company and the local community is often much more effective at helping everyone to understand the pros and cons of a project than teams of technical and financial consultants, EIA based public consultation and PR (though these may all have their role);
  • respect, trust and dialogue go together, all three mutually dependent on each other;
  • stakeholder engagement requires that stakeholders have, or acquire, the capacity to engage; capacity building is central to win-win projects.

In a nutshell, companies, communities and local authorities stand to win much by sharing information in a timely and accessible manner, investing time in understanding each others’ interests and addressing them before decisions are made. Our job is to enable this to happen.


S.C. astoneco management S.R.L. was formed in Romania by the merger of S.C. aston management consulting S.R.L and S.C. astoneco management S.R.L in 2007. astoneco management L.T.D. was registered in Ireland in 2013.