Joint project

Making it work together!

Even if their commitment has a more humble deadline than ‘until death do us part’, projects are essentially like marriages. Between businesses and stakeholders.coimplement_border.jpg

Like in failed marriages, ‘project divorces’ are messy affairs.

And, most of the time, very expensive.

In this situation, here’s some questions for you:

Are you continuously sharing and defining what ‘marriage’ is for each of you along with expectations, needs and desires? Are you addressing the concerns, issues and opportunities in a timely manner?

Astoneco helps you to achieve successful projects through a systematic and structured engagement and management process!

Within the process, you get to:

  • co-manage community and other relations
  • continuously build engagement capacity and mutual understanding
  • proactively share feedback to manage risks and expectations, and co-monitor impact-benefit agreements
  • keep track of and report on progress – link to GRI4 if useful
  • co-audit and protect the shared social license to operate


Download Joint Project flier